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Huo Guo(火锅), or Hot Pot, is not just a dish, it is an experience for the taste buds and the soul. Hot pot is exotic, but not intimidating. It is local yet universal.

That experience originates in the city of Chongqing — a city that sits 7419 miles from Chicago. Now, those unique flavors will be here for all just a few blocks south of the Loop, in Chinatown.

The team at QIAO LIN grew up eating Hot Pot in Chongqing and are now bringing their experience and passion to create delicious dishes utilizing a rich variety of ingredients that are distinctive to the authentic Chongqing style hotpot.

The menu begins with a selection of the house crafted broth bases: chili spicy broth, spicy and non-spicy combo broth, baby rib tomato broth, mushroom broth. Traditional delicacies include freshly cut beef, deep-fried pork slice, premium sliced lamb, sliced wagyu beef, pork, seafood assortment, vegetables and more. For those seeking to explore their adventurous side, we also offer daring ingredients, such as the Qiao Lin house crafted tripe, premium ox tongue, sliced ox aorta, chicken liver kabob, marinated pork intestine, and more!

And of course, there will be cold beer and wine to enjoy.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you in the weeks and months ahead.