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In the effort to provide the most equitable and inviting service, we do not accept reservations. You are welcome to Walk-In and/or join the Waitlist.

To join the waitlist visit Yelp.com 1-2 hours before you would like to dine.

The waitlist opens 4:30p Monday-Friday, and 12p on weekends.
Last table: 8:35p Mon-Thurs, 9:30p Fri/Sat, 9:20 Sunday.

More Pro-Tips and Details

When you join the waitlist, you will receive a message to add any details for your group and communicate with the host via text.
You will also be able to see the estimated wait time and your position in line.

Stay near to the restaurant when you are close to the top of the waitlist and we will text you when your table is almost ready or ready.

You are welcome to check in with the host on site 15 minutes before you would like to sit down if you do not receive a text.

We will mark that you are here and prioritize a table for you in order of those who have already checked in on the waitlist.
If your party is larger than 10 people you will still need to join the waitlist on Yelp 1-2 hours in advance. Additionally, call the restaurant the same day around 12p.

A spot on the waitlist does not guarantee a table. We do our best to be in contact and manage the waitlist to accommodate any table we can!

If the waitlist is closed, the estimated wait time exceeds our hours of operation. We may no longer be accepting tables for the night.
Please help us be efficient <3

Coordinate with the members in your group and make sure to only join the waitlist ONCE per group. Holding multiple spots will extend your estimated wait time and potentially delay your ability to get a table.

We’ll see you soon!!!

**Please keep in mind the wait time is subject to change and our hosts have ultimate discretion to optimally manage our seating system and walk in service. We do not guarantee any group a table at any specific time.